Original: Antique Olive / Designer: Roger Excoffon (1962–1968)
Redesign: Roger / Designer: Jan Buble (2016)

Antique Olive’s basic text style has inspired several successful typefaces that either directly followed up on or were at least inspired by it. For this reason, I decided to take a different path in my own redesign. I found a reproduction of the practically unknown style Large on a Berthold phototype specimen binder, and according to available information it has never been digitised. Large is a sort of midpoint between the Basic and Extra-bold style (Nord), which adds an expanded skeleton to the organic morphology of the original typeface, further promoting the reverse contrast of horizontal and vertical strokes. The reproductions in the specimen comprised only the basic Latin and figure set at a medium weight. As I wanted to create a whole new type family, I had to redraw the available characters and, in connection with their morphologies, complete a whole character set for this basic style. Afterwards I created two more upright styles for extreme weight (Black and Thin), and in the end three completely new Italic styles. Through interpolation, a family of 7 upright and 7 Italic styles was created. The new typeface retained the original model’s typical proportions, high x-height and character rhythm, with an emphasis on horizontal movement. It is different in the modulation of the material, which is more mechanical and monolinear, without reverse stress. The aim was to bring the typeface up to the present day, rejuvenate it while maintaining its spirit and several typical eccentricities. As I had conceived of it as a titling typeface from the very beginning, I allowed for just a 6° slant for the Italics and mainly looked to the skeleton to set it apart from the upright style – one that is more distinctively calligraphically modulated, subtler and more vibrant. As an homage to the original designer, I called the type family Roger.

  • Evolution / Original Typefaces Redesigned
  • Type and Typography studio
  • @ Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague / 2016