Original: Block / Designer: Hermann Hoffmann (1908)
Redesign: Reblog / Designer: Šimon Matějka (2016)

When Block was assigned to me, I was pleased. I like the morphology and I also enjoy its heftiness. When I decided what to take from it and where to try to go with it, I had a clear vision: to create a somewhat lighter style, as this had never appeared in the history of Block. My first step was to design a typeface with the same weight as Block. During my initial attempts I tried to copy its shapes, but this proved impossible as its tattered outlines actually have no shape at all. The typeface’s various curves led me to the opinion that its shape is a matter of feeling, and it can only approximately suggest something and leave the rest to our imagination. For this reason I created a typeface that lacked jagged malapropisms, adding precision and clarity to the original indistinct shape. This typeface is also the foundation stone for my entire interpretation. Only as the next step did I create a Light version. It had to grapple with the established practices of the template, which is typified by its heavy, thick proportions. The goal I wanted my typeface to reach was general usage, especially in typesetting. I personally like the original Block, but I had never seen it used in more extensive texts – perhaps because it simply is not designed for smaller sizes. By creating a lighter version, I hope I have given it the chance to work in body texts. I can imagine Reblog as a corporate font, in a magazine or in other print media. In conclusion I would like to add that my aim was not to redesign Block as such, but merely take fragments of it that amuse me somehow.

  • Evolution / Original Typefaces Redesigned
  • Type and Typography studio
  • @ Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague / 2016